Up to 1GB free data for BASE prepaid customers

BASE launches its new prepaid offer: simpler and more data! From now on, if you buy a prepaid card you can enjoy up to 1GB mobile internet for free. That’s not all – the new formula also includes other extras. You will now be able to choose whether you want extra call minutes to BASE or to all networks.

More data – that’s what BASE is about. The smartphone is becoming increasingly important. It wakes us in the morning and we go to bed with it. And in between, we use all kinds of applications that make our life easier.

Earlier this year, BASE launched our new slogan ‘Go mobile’ and an updated postpaid portfolio with a focus on mobile data. BASE is now extending this to its prepaid offer. This has been updated to meet the demands of the customers: make it simple and with more data!

At BASE, the prepaid customer can choose from three different options to top up his SIM card: €10, €15 or €20. This gives him credit for calling, texting and using data. On top of this, with every top-up he will get extras: free megabytes, free texts and call minutes.

The customer decides in advance whether he wants free minutes to call all networks, or double the number of free minutes to call other BASE customers: 30 MIN to all networks or 60 MIN to BASE when you top up with €10; 60 MIN to all networks or 120 MIN to BASE when you top up with €15; 120 MIN to all networks or 240 MIN to BASE when you top up with €20.

In addition, you get up to 1GB (with a top-up of €20) free data use for a truly mobile life. 


These days, it is becoming more difficult for prepaid to compete with postpaid. That is because of the competitive dynamic in the postpaid market and because it has become much easier to change postpaid tariff plans.

Nevertheless, prepaid cards still account for 35% of the mobile telecom market in Belgium. Prepaid remains an important segment for BASE. “Prepaid is the ideal starting formula for many customers. 20% of our postpaid activations come via prepaid customers”, says CEO Jos Donvil.

A prepaid card, for example, is still the ideal formula for those who like to keep an eye on their usage, those who have very low usage or those who buy a prepaid card for temporary use, e.g. expats/ students who will only be staying in Belgium for a few months.

“In April BASE launched its new postpaid portfolio, in which mobile data plays an important role. BASE is offering up to 10 GB of data. BASE’s prepaid range was adapted today, so now our prepaid customers will also be able to enjoy a truly mobile life”, says CEO Jos Donvil. 

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BASE's credo is to offer mobile phone products and services that meet the essential needs of our customers, no more, no less. We believe that customers know themselves best, which is why we put them in control, so that they manage their mobile experience themselves. We are committed to giving them all the tools they need to do this and to guiding and supporting them, while providing them with simple, transparent services tailored to their needs. At BASE, we want to stay close to people.

BASE is a brand belonging to the Telenet Group (Belgian provider of entertainment and telecommunications services) offering mobile telephony services (calls, SMS and mobile data) throughout Belgium.

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