The BASE shop becomes the gateway to a mobile world

After picking a new slogan "Go mobile" and new colours in April, and rolling out new tariff bundles in May, BASE Company has turned its sights to the in-store customer experience. The role of our sales outlets is changing. They have to become fully-fledged gateways to a mobile world. Woluwe Shopping Center and Messancy will be the first locations to showcase this new experience.

In 2015, the mobile market is not just about call minutes and number of texts. Today, 60% of the Belgian population use a phone to surf the internet. The smartphone has become a real Swiss army knife that allows its user to communicate, to listen to music but also - when it is connected to a 3G or a 4G network - to remotely control the safety of their home and even make payments.

BASE Company was in May the first Belgian’s operator to explore the path of a truly mobile life, offering new tariffs bundles (up to 10 GB per month per subscriber) to support this diversification and this multiplication of usages. However, our role is today bigger than that.


“Every day new applications are coming out on the market, making the common user a bit lost with the offer. As a mobile specialist, our role is to select the best available solutions, present them to the consumers and help them make the choice that will make life easier for them”, points out Jos Donvil.

Besides, the e-commerce boom leads to a far-reaching change in consumption habits. When pushing open the door of a BASE store, today’s consumers know exactly what they are after. They have done their homework. “What they expect is expert advice, the user experience, inspiration."

Taking this on board, we have decided to give a complete facelift to our sales outlets, to turn them into fully-fledged gateways to the mobile world.


After much thought and reflection, the concept has today taken concrete form with the opening of two latest generation stores in Woluwe Shopping Center (new location) and in Messancy (expansion and renewal).

No more closed sales counters. No more glass between the customer and the technology. The new BASE sales outlets revolve around islands where a member of the sales team guides the customer towards the rate packages or mobile solutions that best match their lifestyle. BASE universe has its own and recognizable atmosphere supported by a specific colour style and its interactivity.      

To put the emphasis on services, the “Repair and Go” corner- where the user can come to have their smartphone quickly repaired - has been moved to the front of the store. On the surrounding walls : various flexible modules. Composed of digital screens and dynamic displays, they are designed to invite visitors to discover the latest innovations and the latest promotions, to test the latest technologies, the latest applications.

“Woluwe Shopping Center and Messancy will serve as a showcase for this new experience. The intention is for every new location and every revamped store to adopt this new look and feel”, explains Jos Donvil for who there is no more doubt: “Mobile solutions will turn our life easier on a daily perspective”.

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BASE's credo is to offer mobile phone products and services that meet the essential needs of our customers, no more, no less. We believe that customers know themselves best, which is why we put them in control, so that they manage their mobile experience themselves. We are committed to giving them all the tools they need to do this and to guiding and supporting them, while providing them with simple, transparent services tailored to their needs. At BASE, we want to stay close to people.

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