Go mobile - BASE

Monday, April 13, 2015 — Some have known "Freedom of Speech", others will remember "We challenge, you win". BASE is writing a new chapter in its history on Monday under the banner "Go Mobile".

This new slogan is designed to shore up the historical “mobile” DNA of our brand on a telecoms market that is tending increasingly towards convergent services.

In 2015, smartphones play a central role in the life of the average Belgian. We want to be the specialist operator that fights for a dynamic market, makes every effort to provide the best experience and guides the user in an ideal world that is increasingly mobile.

We believe in a world where technology makes life easier, through its everyday applications. This vision will be rolled out – in the coming weeks – via a far-reaching media campaign. It is accompanied by a new visual identity, and Standard and Anderlecht fans were treated to a preview of these new colours this Sunday.