BASE pushes back the limits of mobile internet

Four “flagship” tariff solutions make up BASE’s new portfolio of post-paid offers. In response to the mobile Internet boom, they offer up to 10 gigabytes per month. From 15 euros/month, subscribers can make unlimited calls to BASE. This makes the BASE 15 offer the “star” on the Belgian mobile market and confirms BASE’s price leadership.

On the 12th of April, BASE Company unveiled its vision of the future, by disclosing the new slogan chosen to promote its BASE brand: Go mobile.  In 2015, the mobile phone is playing an increasingly central role in the life of the average Belgian. In 2015, one in every two BASE post-paid customers uses mobile internet to read emails, listen to streamed music or manage their business remotely. When using a 4G-compatible phone, this customer consumes on average one gigabyte of data per month.  

 “We want to be that specialist operator fighting for a dynamic market, making every effort to provide the best experience and guiding the user through an increasingly mobile everyday life. This promise has now resulted in a far-reaching reshuffle of our offers”, explains Jos Donvil, CEO of BASE Company.

BASE is simplifying its portfolio with four flagship post-paid price plans. Each of them gives pride of place to voice and mobile internet, pushing back the existing boundaries. 


From 15 euros per month, BASE consumers benefit from unlimited texts and calls to BASE.  With this offer, members of the same family or circle of friends who are BASE customers can make unlimited calls to each other without thinking of the expense, beyond the limits of their plan. They can call anyone, without restriction and on all the networks, with a subscription to a BASE 39 or BASE 59 contract. This reinforces BASE’s price leadership.


To respond to the spiraling use of mobile Internet, each new post-paid tariff plan also includes a minimum of one gigabyte per month (BASE 15). This package goes up to 5 gigabytes/month with a BASE 39 subscription and up to 10 gigabytes/month under the BASE 59 plan, reaching dizzying new heights. This makes BASE the reference on the Belgian market today.


“Refocusing our post-paid portfolio on four flagship price solutions will make it easier for consumers to make sense of our service. This simplification also gives us the opportunity to offer, with greater flexibility, an ever broader set of personalized services to meet the latest mobile uses“, explains Jos Donvil, CEO of BASE Company.

BASE offers to its customers service such as BASECloud (1 GB free/32 GB for only € 1.50 per month),or the possibility to subscribe (from 5 euros) to international calling or mobile Internet plans, paving the way for a truly mobile experience, without constraints, even when travelling abroad for leisure or business.

Note that if they disappear from the portfolio, the old price plans remain valid for current subscribers. They will mostly be adapted to the new standards of the offer. A communication campaign on the new post-paid price is in the pipeline, aimed at existing customers.  Our offers for professional customers will also be adapted, as they will benefit from an increased Internet volume.

€15 € 25 €39 €59

Unlimited calls to BASE
+120min to all networks

Unlimited calls to BASE
+120min to all networks

Unlimited calls to all networks Unlimited calls to all networks
1GB 3GB 5GB 10GB
Unlimited SMS Unlimited SMS Unlimited SMS Unlimited SMS
BASE cloud 1GB BASE cloud 1GB BASE cloud 1GB BASE cloud 1GB
600min/600MB/600sms in and to EU


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BASE has innovation in the interest of the customer in its DNA. We are constantly listening to our customers, and are continuously questioning the practices and habits within the Belgian mobile market. Thanks to innovative product principles, BASE aims to improve the life of consumers, so that customers get the full 100% out of their subscription. At BASE, customers can count on flexible subscriptions, a great network and excellent service.

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