BASE offers all postpaid customers its own cloudsystem

As of now, BASE offers its own cloud system to postpaid customers. Every postpaid subscriber can benefit of 1 GB for free. Customers can save their data and it won’t get lost in case of theft or damage to the hardware. Pictures, documents, music, and more is accessible anywhere at any time. Upgrades to considerable amounts of data are available for affordable fees (from 1,50 EUR per month upwards). 

BASEcloud is very easy to use and the intuitive interface makes it accessible for the broad public: uploading files/pictures, sharing them with others and access them from any device will be easy thanks to the user-friendly app and website. The app is available on Apple, Android and Windows for all kinds of smartphones, tablets and personal computers. All content is shareable with one simple click.

BASEcloud allows customers to store their data without using all the storage space on their smartphones, computers or tablets, and saves everything in case of theft or damage to the hardware. Pictures, documents, music and much more can be accessed anywhere at any time.

BASEcloud backups other cloud systems such as Dropbox and Facebook, to centralize all content in one single cloud. Because BASE Company uses Europe-based servers, stricter privacy laws apply, so the users can be sure their data is safe and well-protected.

“Uploading files, sharing them with others and access them from any device and this with 1 simple click will make the mobile life of our customers easier as of today”, says Jos Donvil, CEO of BASE Company. “Early adopters are already using different cloud systems on a daily basis. We want to centralize their data for them, but also educate the broader public on the possibilities the cloud has to offer. We assure BASE customers that this cloud is safe, convenient and simple.”

BASEcloud is launched today for all post-paid subscriptions.


  • 1GB for free: all your messages + contacts + 400 pictures or 250 songs or 2000 documents or 10 videos
  • 32GB for €1,50/month: all your messages + contacts + 12800 pictures or 8000 songs or 64000 documents or 320 videos
  • 200GB for €9/month: all your messages + contacts + 80000 pictures or 50000 songs or 400000 documents or 2000 videos. 
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